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Navigazione Laghi gives you the opportunity to organize special events, parties, ceremonies, professional dinners, meeting and congress on board of its fleet. The outfit of the ships' interior can be personalized with ad hoc furnitures and decorations. Here some examples:

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Ship Type Rent Addition Seats Seated places Bar
    A 1/3 2/4   inside on deck restaurant  
avvia il video Steamboat Piemonte 7.260 720 1.100 440 200 50 150 si
avvia il video Motorship Verbania 6.600 660 990 1100 380 200 380 si
avvia il video Motorship type Italia 4.400 550 660 660 270 80 250 si
  Hydrofoil type Fermi 5.500 1.100 1.320 170 170 - - -
avvia il video Motorship Antares 3.750 550 660 460 114 168 96 si
  Motorship Torino 3.750 450 660 500 100 80 - -
  Motorship type Milano 3.750 450 660 350 150 100 - -
  Motorship type Alpino 3.300 350 550 270 70 80 - -
  Motorship type Airone 2.420 165 385 132 39 41 - -
  Speedboat I.Brissago 1.540 100 220 44 44 - - -

Click avvia il videoto display the internal set up of the boat.

prices and clauses


The rates are subject to changes that may be made by the Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti.
Prices given in Chf, including VAT.
The fares indicated refer to vessels already in service on the Swiss part of the lake. For services involving the transfer of the vessel from the Italian part of the lake, and subject to availability, the cost will be calculated on each separate occasion.


A: Price basis for use up to six hours of employment; in case of navigation limited to a period of less than two hours, no additional charge required.


1: Price for each hour of navigation in case of rentals of total less than eight hours and with navigation more than two and less than six.
2: Price for each hour of navigation exceeding six.
3: Price for each hour of employment of the boat more than six; in case of rental with less than two hours of navigation and less than eight hours of employment.
4: Price for each hour of employment exceeding eight.
Night extra: 5% Percentage increase in the total service to be applied for each hour of employment of the boat in night time slot (from 22:00 to 05:00).
Crossing frontier: 8% Percentage increase in the total cost of the service (tax free) in case of rental to the Italian basin

Length of service:

* Empty running: at the beginning of the service when the boat leaves the port where it is moored and back.
* Any time used running empty are calculated as service hours to all intents and purposes.

Capacity of vessel:

* The boat’s capacity must not be exceeded for any reason.
* The Operations Office reserves the right to reduce the maximum capacity according to the specific uses of the boat and type of service requested.

Booking and payment:

* the Operations Office must be contacted for the determining of the date and programme;
* afterwards, a date will be set for the option, at the expiration of which the service can be confirmed by the payment of an advance equal to 30% of the price of the service, along with tax data for the invoice.
* the balance must be paid 7 working days before the date of the rental service; subsequently the receipted invoice shall be sent after payment.
* a failure to pay the balance in the established term will result in the cancellation of the contract and management will keep any sums paid.
* Lake Maggiore Navigazione Operations Office reserves the right to ask for the bail bond that will be given back in the next days of the service, once it's ensured the absence of any damage to the structures on board and to the ship itself.

Catering/bar on board:

* restaurant facilities are optional; prices are to be arranged with the contracting caterers on the regular service.


* Lake Maggiore Navigazione Operations Office reserves the right to replace, due to force majeure, the type of vessel booked with another vessel of equal or higher class.
* Any extra cleaning will also be charged to the contracting party.
* In the case of services which require specific outfitting of the vessel, the Operations Office reserves the right to add on extra costs for preparation and dismantling.
* Use of vessels: Their use is limited to the purposes for which they are made available, i.e. transportation. As the boat is a public place, behaviour on-board must not exceed the limits of public safety and civil coexistence.
* The following are forbidden on board: sale of products, display of banners, flags, various kinds of decorations, changes to the structure of the vessel without authorisation from the Operations Office.
* Orchestral performances and any kind of entertainment are the full responsibility of the Lessee, both regarding remuneration and the social security, health and tax contributions required by current laws, as well as any authorisations needed for shows held on the pier while the vessel is not sailing.

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