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01) Where can I buy tickets?
Travellers must provide themselves with the tickets, before the departure.
Tickets must be issued ashore, by any authorized point of sale.
Usually ticket offices ashore are near the embarking docks.
02) At what time does the ticket office open?
Ticket offices open normally about 20 minutes before every route transit, and they can stop issuing tickets 5 minutes before the landing.
03) How can I pay tickets?
At every authorized point of sale, tickets can be paid obviously per cash, but only in current currency, i.e. Euro. A currency exchange service is not available.
At the main ticket offices it is possible to pay also by credit card.
Any other mean of payment has to be arranged in advance with the Management.
04) Can I book a ticket in advance?
Tickets have to be purchased exclusively on the day of the trip
05) Can I buy a single ticket lasting for the whole day without any limitation?
Sure! There are “daily circulation tickets” which allow to travel without any leg or stop limitation for a clear day. They can be for the entire network, which include also fast services (SR routes), or for lower and upper part of the lake, valid for Motorship (Batt), Catamaran (Cat) and Ferry routes. To use fast services owing tickets for lower and upper part of the lake implies to buy the specific extra charge.
06) Can I buy tickets onboard?
Yes, you can buy tickets onboard too, but there will be a 1.00 € additional fixed fee per person or per luggage.
This fee will not be applied in case of docks not provided with a ticket office or in case of ticket offices out of order.
07) Do I have to make different queues at the ticket offices, one for each route I want to cover?
If you request the ticket for your whole itinerary at the ticket office at the starting point, certainly you will receive an adequate ticket that will cover all the needed services.
08) Is there any concessionary fare for families?
For the families (or groups not necessarily composed of relatives) consisting of at least 2 adults, who will buy a free circulation ticket each (lower part, upper part of the lake or entire network),there will be a maximum of 2 free tickets for children from 4 to 12 years old.
09) Is there any discount for senior citizens?
To all citizens (of every nation) over 65 years, it will be applied the reduced fare [1.20] for ordinary tickets and [3.20] for daily circulation tickets, from monday to friday only (except saturdays, sundays and holidays). To obtain this reduction, passengers are asked to show any valid identity card or document, in order to prove their age.
10) Is there any discount for groups?
To all the ordinary groups composed by at least 15 participants, summing up adults and children travelling together, it will be applied rate [1.20] for adults and rate [1.50] for children; in case of daily circulation tickets, reduced fare [3.20] for adults and fare [3.50] for children.
There is also one free ticket for an adult every 25 paying participants (25 paying people + the 26th person is for free).
In case of fast services, every participant has to pay the relative extra charge, including the adult owning the free ticket, except for daily circulation tickets for entire network.
11) Is there any special fare for school groups?
Rate [1.50] will be applied for school groups composed by at least 10 students, and rate [3.50] for free circulation thicket, both for italian and foreign schools (from nursery to high school).
One teacher every 10 paying students travels for free.
School staff and teachers over the free number will pay the same tariff as students.
Parents are not considered as a part of the school group, excepted for nursery groups: in this case, they are considered supporting adults and they will obtain the same concessionary fares as for staff school (teachers and parents must not exceed the children's number).
To obtain school groups reductions, a name list of the participating students has to be presented to the ticket office on the day of travel, signed and stamped by the Headmaster.
12) Disabled people and their supporting partners travel for free?
There are special conditions for particular groups of people mentioned here under, granted by showing documents, cards or others, certifying the needed requirements.
These special concessions are applied to normal routes and to all-day travel tickets; as regards fast services, the fixed extra charge for rapid service has to be paid in full anyway.
Special conditions are accorded to the following categories, both for italian and foreign persons:
- legally handicapped people and disabled victims of workplace accidents, with invalidity from 70% to 100%, including blind, and deaf and dumb;
- handicapped people with seriousness implication (even properly certified, and comparable to an invalidity from 70% to 100%), i.e. persons with recognized disablement, singular or multiple, with a reduced personal independence, related to the age, which requires a general constant assistance, regarding the individual or relationship area.
Blind people can board their guide-dog free of charge, on fast services too, even if there is also a supporting companion.
For the above mentioned cases the fares will be applied as follows:
1. the fares [1.50] and [3.50] will be applied to the disabled person travelling on his/her own;
2. in case there is a disabled person travelling with an accompanying person: the fares [1.50] and [3.50] will be applied to the disabled person + the accompanying partner will be free of charge;
3. in any of the above-mentioned cases, if the ticket will be issued onboard, there will be no extra-fee for ticketing onboard;
4. children up to 12 years old (not yet accomplished), properly accompanied, which fall into the above mentioned conditions, are free of any charge.
13) Which routes are provided with lunch onboard?
The routes marked with a crossed fork and knife (paying attention to the marks mentioned in the timetable). It is anyway advisable to ask in advance for precautionary confirmation about the boat in service for the requested day, phoning the Management or the free customer service.
14) Can I book the lunch onboard?
Lunch onboard is bookable only for groups, contacting the restaurant company, after having requested the group crossing report to the Management.
Single passengers should book the restaurant service directly onboard to the restaurant staff, at the moment of embarking. (when the service is performed)
15) How much does the lunch onboard cost?
Lunch onboard (tourist menu) costs € 14,00.
16) Can I bring and eat my own food onboard?
Yes, on condition that you do not occupy seats or tables already set or booked (on boats with restaurant/bar areas).
We kindly ask to all our passengers, once they have finished their lunch, to clean any leftovers and/or rubbish.
17) Can I take my dog with me?
Yes, it is possible to take dogs or other pets onboard,following the conditions here under: dogs can be boarded under the responsibility of their owners or holders.
The owner must make sure that the dog's attitude is proper to the exigencies of coexistence with humans and animals regarding the environment he is living in.
The Captain, or one of his officer composing the crew, can ask to the owner or holder to muzzle the dog in case of safety risks for other passengers, animals or objects.
In case the owner or holder declares not to be able to comply with this order, he has to be unboarded at the first available dock without any right to be reimbursed. In case of refusal, the police services will be called for intervention, so that no delay or obstruction are created to the public service line.
The animals must not occupy any sitting place anyway and must be accommodated so as the do not disturb any other passenger and at all events the owner must attend to the cleaning of any excrement, having therefore the proper tools.
Transport conditions: The owner or holder shall use a fixed leash of max 1,5 mt in length and shall bring with him a muzzle (rigid or flexible). The embarking of dogs could anyway be limited or excluded at the discretion of the Captain, in case of great crush on the boat or in the event that the transportation would compromise the safeness of any other passenger.
Fares: SMALL DOGS = height to withers less than 50 cm. They can be boarded for free.
MEDIUM – LARGE SIZE DOGS = height to withers more than 50 cm. Reduced fares [1.50] or [3.50], without extra charge on fast services.
Guide-dogs and security forces' or rescue trained dogs in service are completely free of charge and have no limitations.
To have information about subscriptions and other animals' transport conditions please ask to the ticket offices.
18) Can I board my bike too?
On our timetable (you can download it from you can find specific notes that mark:
- the recommended motorships for bicycles transport;
- motorship voyages with limited access to bikes due to incoming traffic;
- routes on which bikes are not allowed (on catamaran and hydrofoil routes).
The Captain can limit the number of bikes to embark in case their transport would compromise the service.
We advise, anyway, to go to the ticket offices in advance to verify the availability of places onboard, or to ask for information at the ticket offices ashore or phoning the Management.
19) Can I book a ticket in advance?
Single tickets cannot be booked.
20) What should I do to report the crossing of my group?
To report the group you have to phone the Management, or you can send a fax at 0039.309149520 or an email, preferably with the heading of your company/association or your complete address, showing your telephone and fax numbers, and specifying the service you need (which route and at what time, and how many people you expect), as well as if you eventually need to have lunch onboard. The payment will be done directly on the day of travel at the ticket office.
21) Can I report a group online on the website?
Reporting groups online is not possible. For groups composed of minimum 15 participants it is possible to report the group by phone (0039 309149511), by fax (0039 309149520) or by sending an email (, quoting all the information, the address and contacts of the person in charge for the reservation, the correct times of the required services and the number of participants.
22) Are there any cost or any penal sum to cancel our booking?
In case of annulment of the group, no cost or penal sum will be charged, but it is anyway advisable to inform in time the Management about the trip cancellation, by phone, fax or e-mail.
23) Can I ask for the booking of my car/the bus on the ferry service?
It is not possible to book any vehicle on the ferries.
For busses, it is only possible to report the crossing. Anyway, it is recommended to go to the boarding points with wide advance, to avoid possible overcrowding and consequential inefficiency.
24) Is there any guide on the boat?
On our line services there is no guide
25) Can I take my own guide with me?
Yes, on condition that the ways of explanation do not inconvenience any passenger.
26) Can I use microphones or loudspeakers on the line services?
As “Navigazione Lago di Garda” is a public service, on the boats it is not possible to use microphones or loudspeakers.
27) What happens in case of bad weather?
If lake conditions are good enough, boats go on sailing, even if it is raining or if there is bad weather. Instead, in case of strong wave-motion, routes can be totally or partially eliminated on captain's own free judgement, with ticket refund for the unused leg of the journey.
28) What happens if I decide not to leave, or I cannot leave anymore?
A traveller can request a total refund of the ticket, except for the deductions and limitations mentioned as follows, if the passenger has renounced the journey in the following cases:
a) if the departure is late at least sixty minutes on its scheduled time or if the route has been eliminated;
b) if the traveller cannot depart by order of the competent authorities;
c) if there isn't any room and/or embarkation is not possible;
d) if the traveller cannot or does not intend to use the ticket.
In the last case, the traveller can request the total refund of the ticket directly at the ticket office that issued it within 30 minutes from the issue time.
In that event, a deduction as penalty will be applied: its amount is proportional to the full-fare ticket value.
If the failed transport execution occurs during the trip, the refund will be calculated considering the difference between the amount paid by the traveller and the due amount for the realized trip. Travellers have no right to be refunded for lost, destroyed or stolen tickets.
29) What happens if I decide to change the stop but I have already bought my ticket, or if I am already on board?
It is possible to supplement every kind of ticket onboard, provided that the ticket is still valid. This transaction implies a tariff balance (due rate – paid rate), and it is subjected to an exaction of € 1,00 per person or per luggage.
A traveller owning an expired ticket (i.e. surpassing the destination point or unboarding to an intermediate stop) is considered as if he "owns no ticket".
30) What happens if I catch the wrong boat?
It is both responsibility and care of the traveller to board on the boat crossing to the desired port, for which he has bought the ticket.
Therefore, if the traveller boards on the wrong boat, he should ask to the ticket office onboard, and our staff will give all the needed and useful information, and they will eventually balance any tariff difference, too.
31) In case of any strike, which are the guaranteed routes?
In case of strikes, public transport services execution is provided in two guaranteed time-courses, as prescribed by Law Nr. 146/90 (one time-course in the morning and the second one in the afternoon). The guaranteed ranges of time may vary according to the current timetable and strike conditions, conveyed by the Trade Unions. For further information, please phone the free-toll number or ask at the ticket offices.
32) Is there any night cruise?
During the summer there are usually night services only in special occasions, as for example “Notte di S. Ercolano”, “Notte di Fiaba” and so on. Every night cruise will be published on our website.
33) Can I go to Isola del Garda?
At the moment, no public service is scheduled to Isola del Garda.
The landing on Isola del Garda is possible only by renting a boat, and upon agreement with the owner company.
34) Can I stop in Canevaworld or Gardaland?
No, you can't. The nearest stops to Canevaworld or Gardaland are Peschiera or Lazise, and from here you can arrive to Gardaland or Canevaworld by shuttle busses, in the periods and at the times in which these services are arranged by the parks.
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